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Sustainable Fashion

Tutte dicono I Love  You is a line of women's clothing conceived, designed and produced in Abruzzo for optimistic and resilient women, always ready to say "let's go!" and to embark on new courageous adventures

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"We are not just buying an item, but a piece of Heart "

Tutte Dicono I Love You is an independent women's fashion brand founded in 2011 by Monica Patricelli. Originally established as a shirtmaker for equestrian competitions in Pescara, it is rapidly expanding globally, thanks to the support of many devoted customers who value the care for raw materials and the unparalleled quality of Made in Italy. Our style recipe is based on the selection of the finest natural fabrics, exclusively produced in Italy and sourced from surplus productions of the best local textile companies..

We pay particular attention to sustainability: we have chosen to manufacture in our region, focusing on a short supply chain and leveraging the excellent manufacturing skills of the central Adriatic area, home to historic clothing brands and guardian of important know-how developed in the field of textiles.




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